Kids raising money for charity using art

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Helping Charity, Using Art

Our daughters, Sophie and Emma, wanted to raise money for Charity Water.  We convinced them that opening a lemonade stand in the middle of winter was not the best idea. Around the same time, our friend, Pascal, came over to the house and marveled at Sophie’s and Emma’s artwork.  He commissioned their artwork in exchange for $20.  This gave us the idea for  Instead of the traditional lemonade stand, bake sale, car wash, raffle, or a walk, we ask kids to create personalized art for friends and family members to raise money for their favorite charities.


How it works:

  1. Log in and create a profile for your child.
  2. Your child draws a portrait from your "rich and/or childless" friend's Facebook or Instagram profile and sends it to that person for a donation.

Donation can be made directly to which will donate to the charity of your choice in a lump sum.

All donations processed through are tax-deductible through Innovative Charity, a 501(c)3 organization.